Mr John

By MrJohn

Some guys have 'it' .....

..... and some guys don't.

Some guys stand there on the street looking effortlessly cool,
wearing trendy clothing that no one else could get away with wearing,
covered in tattoos,
with women crowding around them.

Other guys stand there getting drenched in the rain
Wearing a bright green cagoule and a 'me love you long time' tee shirt that their brother got them for Christmas two years ago ( it was the only clean tee shirt they could find this morning ),
Curry sauce on their chin from the chips they had at lunchtime ( and didn't notice it until they got home three hours later ),
Squinting through their rain smeared glasses trying to take phone snaps of people stood outside shops,
and then turn around and walk straight in to some poor young lady minding her own buisiness walking up the street.

So todays blip is .....

..... Some guys have 'it' and some guys don't.

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