Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Door to Door, from the air

2 worlds.  Where I live in Seattle and the Gulf Islands…as seen from Kenmore Air.   A 45 minute walk from my home to the float plane dock at the south end of the Lake Union…. Cloudy and grey to start off but got sunnier as we got further north.  A stop in Victoria Harbor for Canadian customs, and then to let off the only other passenger in Maple Bay on Vancouver Island, a brand new scheduled stop for Kenmore and fun to see, then a hop with just me over to Montague Harbor…As we went by our dock, the pilot said if we’d known it was only me, he could literally have dropped me home.    It was a 6 person Beaver plane.   But H was waiting in Montague…
Less than 2 hours, door to door (on the plane, not counting getting there).   Pretty sweet.  and a rare treat for me…one might ask why we don’t do this more… It’s the price of course!

I realized before I got to the float plane this morning that I had left my battery charger charging at home, so called my son who saved the day and managed to get it and bring it to me before we took off!   Nice eh? (Thank you, P!!!!!)  I DID just spend 2 days cleaning the house for his friends to stay in and they were due in another hours or so anyway….   Or I would only have had iphone photos of this glorious trip…which are sometimes better, actually, but I wanted to use my newly fixed 70-200. :-)

Will put some on flickr tomorrow….

'and I just now looked at the entry --it's MUCH darker and duller than the original..will try to figure out what's going on...later...I did have  to reduce the size.
Edit: I just tried to upload it again --it looks much brighter and better colors all the way to "publish" and then turns dull and drab.   Anyone have this happen?  Help?

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