Soft and delicate are her tiny white flowers, arriving in clusters she contrasts beautifully with her dark green foliage. She's lightly fragrance and dances in the wind, her name is Camellia sasanqua 'Cinnamon Cindy'. Those of you who follow my journal will know her well but this is the first time she has appeared in mono form.
Mono Monday theme is 'soft', kindly hosted this month by JDO.
Today the temperature has been no higher than 6C, with a grey sky above and a bitterly cold wind. It was not a day to linger in the garden, I quickly picked this bloom and brought her inside to the warmth. Needless to say the fire is on and no snow has fallen but I feel winter is only just getting started.
I'm delighted to see yesterday's little fantail has made it onto the 'popular' page, warm thanks for all the hearts, stars and lovely comments, I'm thrilled you all enjoyed it :)
I hope the week is kind to you - Happy Monday everyone :)

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