Torild is one of the Fagforbundets ambassadors for Palestine, and visited East-Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank to see for herself what is going on.

She has been blogging and taking pictures, talking to local people and organizations. She has been walking the streets of Hebron with a former israeli soldier and now a part of Breaking the Silence. She has seen the settlements surrounding Jerusalem, and visited the 91 year old woman that is going to be thrown out of her home from UN by settlers, she has been going through checkpoints and she has experienced different treatment for Norwegians and Palestinian members in her group.

Is it all a question of security or is the things she has seen apartheid and harassment put in system to get rid of the Palestinians? The answer is in the eyes of the beholder?
There has been tears in her eyes, her eyes has turned black of anger, her eyebrows has gone up or down as she has been able or unable to grasp what has been before her eyes.
How is all possible when the International society and UN condemn. This is not a conflict - this is an occupation.

Thanks for Torild for her blogging (in Norwegian). We are now back after hectic days. Here she is on the airport, lost in her own thoughts while blogging from the last day in Palestine. You go for it, girl!

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