Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Luncheon Ladies

So, what did today hold for Dublin Shooter? Not as much as it should have, that's the short answer. There was so much I should have done. I have to submit a job proposal by tomorrow so the client can mull over it while we're away on holiday; I have clothes to sort through and packing to do; I have house tidying and room clearing to do …

I did get a bit done, which involved going to the bank, lodging some money (always a nice chore) and getting two lots of money out of two different ATMs so as to have cash available in Greece just in case the banks fold there while we're away. I also found (quite by accident) a rather nice lunch place on Pembroke Road where I grabbed a gorgeous bowl of white onion soup with truffle oil.

This lady who was lunching rather caught me in the act, even if I really was only snapping the nicely designed out-back courtyard. Back home I still didn't do the things I should have done, though I did make a start on a couple of them. Procrastination: it's always been a problem with me. Will I never learn?!

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