Flowers Forever

Today mum and I spent the morning doing some admin together. We had to juggle where we were sitting because the cleaner came this morning, so we had a bit of fun moving around to give her a chance to clean. I'm so grateful to have my cafetière (that's French for coffee maker or pot) here with me. We had some lovely cups of coffee whilst we were working.

I did the sheep this morning and mum helped me with the geese, who were still opinionated and noisy about us feeding them. Thankfully mum and I weren't charged at.

Then mum and I got some food for the cottage before we go back to my aunt's. I was thinking about doing a series of photos of flower photos... Not in vases or anything but plants' flowers, either in pots or in the garden. I guess I'll brake from it if I get the chance to take a photo of something more interesting.

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