And you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed

Tonight, being as it was lovely and warm; we sat in the garden to mangez our dinner. 

It was lush.     

Then Si blew up my tyre.  Literally.  I was upstairs cleaning jewelry with toothpaste when there was an almighty explosion.  I waited for the crying and the screaming which never came so I assumed that no one had died or been injured.    

When I came downstair, he was mending the old puncture on the old inner tube, seeing as the new inner tube was in bits.  They were both very amused. 

Tooli was then doing her "Blogalates". Like Pilates, but with some Californian Asian Babe telling them to push it just a little more.  

I sat on my arse, and watched Tooli obey the commands of the squeaking Californian Asian, and watched her poor little face get redder and redder with exertion, while mine didn't. 

Then after half an hour of squats of various depths, she lay on the floor and began crunches - legs in the air.  And it was then I spotted that old mark.  That Toy Story mark that we branded on to her foot when she was little.  

Like Woody was Andy's.  Tooli is Simon's.

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