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By Skeena

Wide Angle Wednesday :: Architecture

Thank you JDO for hosting WidWed and giving me an opportunity to update my Blip 'Once upon a time...' from last year.

This cottage up the road from me is nearing completion so I thought I'd snap it before fencing wraps around it.

The story of this cottage can be read on my previous Blip. This is about it's future. It's interesting to think it was originally designed and built by the man who's family then lived in it for over 60 years. The new owner has continued this tradition. An architect and builder by trade he hopes to move in within a week or two.

It has been sad seeing a little cottage expanded so much but I feel the design, detailing and practicalities of becoming a modern family home out weigh sentiment. I know some will disagree.

The difference between the two images is I need to us my 9mm BCL to get all the new build in frame. I have cropped the overall image slightly to give prominence to the building and to remove builder's clutter. 

Hopefully some distortion remains. One thing that has happened is the old section does look larger than it is. The new part is in fact much larger in volume than the old.

Please check out the before image to compare or to spot the difference... 

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