Endeavouring always

By Markyplyme

Too much coffee

So I now know the photographic results of too much coffee...
Had a rough day yesterday, kids sports day cancelled due to rain, sat at home drowning in emotions, too wet to go out, and hadn't taken a picture all day. My internet is so slow it took 4 hours to watch a film (The Amazing Spiderman, just because I was bored) due to the buffering (0.42mb/sec :/ ), so at 10pm I decided it wasn't happening anytime soon and put a pot of coffee on. This morning I noticed it has a strength rating of 6. It's only an assumption, but I suspect that's why I decided to take some moon shots at 2am, when I got to the beach the fog descended on me and I took 3 shots and thought "this is daft" and went home to bed.
Pics are all very noisy, but hell, long shutter speeds aren't great for that.

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