Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

Moo Shall Not Pass!!!

And d'you know what? I totally agree!

Backing off now...

Nice cow...

Lovely horns! Did I tell you that already?

Gone! I'm Gone!

They're pussy cats really - pussy cats with big horns but you've got to love them :o)

Thanks for the stars and hearts and comments for trigonometry. I appreciate it very much - I really do! I'm (as always and you're bored of hearing it I'm sure) behind in thank you's and commenting - it doesn't mean I don't care - I'm just such a slow typist! For someone who works in IT it's shameful! Maybe I should comment in shorthand. Gt Sht! Nce Crp! Gd Fcs on tht sht! Ermmm maybe not :o)

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