By pensionspoet

More rain please!

So lovely to wake up with all my family (almost) in the same house - our house! I persuaded Jon that they didn't need to rush back last night so we had an extra evening together AND Jon did the washing up!

I was able to get away at 7.10 this morning, getting in to work just after 8.

A trip to the post office to return an item to an eBay seller meant no history walk this lunchtime, and no photo!

Home at 6, where Henry was busy doing homework. With only 2 weeks to the end of term, he has his work cut out to complete it all - but I'm fed up with the battles I've had this term, so I'm leaving him to it now.

After dinner and a bit of a chat with mum and dad I pottered in the garden, doing very little. I am, however, very pleased to see my first pea pod formed on my pea plants. I bought a book at the book club when I was at the NHS, called 'Grow all you can eat in 3 square feet!. It is great! Gave me so many ideas and I now have peas, courgettes, corn and tomatoes all container grown. So far so good. It was this or another hosta picture!

Have done a bit more sewing too, but it is so slow going. I need a day at home to just sew & I'll then finish 2 bags. The weekend maybe?

Going to have an early night now. More gardening tomorrow...

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