By pensionspoet

Quay Side - Norwich

Unbeknown to me, Henry's bus hadn't turned up by 7.45 so he had to call on his grandpa to get to school. I had gone in early as mum & dad were there one more day to cover this eventuality. I'm going to write to the bus company. It is not a good enough service.

Got lots done at work, and at lunch time walked down to what I've decided is my favourite bit of Norwich (for now) Elm Hill. I browsed the collectors shop windows - stamps, coins, bank notes etc. I have some stamps and may take them down there.

I carried on down to the main road and on Fye Bridge Street took this picture of the houses along Quay Side. It has a bit of 'Tobermory' about it, don't you think?

Then on to Oxfam where I looked through a bit of other peoples old stuff, managing to escape without buying anything!

There was a lot of stress in the office as we are gradually being given new laptops to replace our old desk tops. As usual some people had no problems, others multiple problems! Me? There wasn't a laptop with my name on it - so they are going to see if they can find me one for tomorrow.

Home early at 5.30, but not absolutely sure what I've done since then. Dinner, some washing and a long chat to an old friend from Cambridge who is battling redundancy at the council for the 4th time.

Thinking about Pauline who was due to have her knee op today & hoping all went well.

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