What is That ?

.................................................................You wonder what are the thought processes when baby looks at an object and tries to make sense of it. I suppose its a very complicated string of thoughts and processes of seeing and deciphering. Very soon she will be able to pick up the object and know if its hard or soft, furry or smooth. That means everything is going to go in her mouth. She is soooo cute and I so much want to make her smile and laugh but she is not always in the mood for Granny's face. She is now 4 months old and now that I think about it I think I have a photo of my daughter that looks a bit like this one. She is very much like her brother though and that means very like her Dad.

So today we had a lovely visit from our daughter, husband and J and M.
Jody is such a good little chap. He brought me a book called "My Granny" about Granny Peppa Pig. Snort snort. I tried to read it to him several times but he wanted Thomas, and out into the garden and wanted Granddad to pop in to bed for a bit so that, for some reason, he could play with the torch. I think Granddad did appreciate the lie down though.

Oh Yeah, our computer came back from hospital and the problem was that the fan was not able to cool down the innards, which was what I expected. Apparently we were lucky to have a HP computer as it uses a more resilient pentium ...something or other as opposed to a something or other thingie which might have burnt out the computer altogether. The fan has been making whirring noises for ages but I didn't think of having it looked at until it finally gave up the ghost and wouldn't open.
And if you think I'm bad at not having things sorted immediately, look no further than Mr AF...................However he is a whiz kid on other matters so I will not chastise him again, poor man (that is poor man having to live with me!!!-------nobody has to agree with that, although I know a few who would ).............I'm asking for it. Am I not??
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