... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosle Goslings: New Feathers!

More strokeable in large.

I visited the Goosles in the early afternoon: it was overcast so the light was very flat, but it was lovely to see them. They grow so quickly (they seem huge after a weekend away), and have started growing their first (pennaceous) feathers! I love it when they spread their little wings like this...

Mr. was sneezing and two of the goslings have runny eyes: seems like hay fever, but birds' immune systems are rarely overactive as ours are which would make hay fever an unlikely explanation. I'll keep an eye on it...

I've uploaded other shots to Flickr (right from here).
Excited-looking gosling [= blip alternative]
Goosles leaving the pontoon
Curious (with runny eyes)
Standing upright

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