Another Day

I never seem to be able to post the photos I intensionally take on my iPhone. This last week my phone hasn't really been in my hands a lot (we don't need to go into the reasons) and because I don't have unlimited data on my iPhone, I'm not able to post the photos I do take when I do have my iPhone. Thankfully I have my iPad, with photos on it, which I've been carrying around with me more. However, I wish there was a Polaroid Blipfoto app for iPad. The website doesn't seem to work half the time and there's only the iPhone app, which doesn't work very well on iPad (due to it not being made for iPad). Frustrating.

Today's been another long day. We spent a lot of time with my parents' friends, so had an early start this morning. I should be in bed now as tomorrow's also got an early start, but I wanted to post this first.

I've started the new tag line #blippingforever as a sign that I won't stop posting here. There are always people who think I'm crazy for doing this type of challenge. I won't say more. I know everyone faces difficulties in life.

I took this photo from a bridge just before we spent the evening with some friends of my family. The other two photos I took are rubbish, because the subjects weren't close enough and my iPad doesn't do zoom without getting extremely grainy.

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