Ballet Dancer

Today's day 2 of the Portrait course was refining the skills we had developed yesterday.  We discussed our results from the first day - successes or not! - and rehearsed on a couple of lighting settings using group members as stooges before our model arrived.

Shardae is an accomplished ballet dancer plus model - her poise and elegance was perfect plus she was very willing to try or pose however we requested - it was a couple of hard working hours for her! 

I shot the usual poses, including getting here to jump in the air - and then opted to try some slow shutter work to emphasise movement.  I tried varying speeds but liked best a really slow  (1.4 secs) shutter to give an abstract quality to the images.  I will work more on the composite of three images  at a later date.

It has been a great weekend and I have enjoyed it immensely.

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