By Incredibish

Is it art or is it rubbish?

Took a ride into Bristol to look at all the graffiti art that went on, and is still going on, at Upfest 2015. I used to live not far from here, decades ago, and I recall North Street potentially held the record for the most number of pubs of any road in Bristol. Nothing lasts of course, and a lot of my old drinking holes are gone now, like the shops. But as a south Bristol partner to the north's Gloucester Road it remains vibrant and fun. You either love graffiti or hate it, I guess. One way or another though you have to admire the talent and energy that is expressed through the spray can. There's a whole lot more to see in my flickr album.

From tomorrow I may be Blipping iPhone shots or I may wait until I get home from camping. Either way, think of me as the wind and rain howls across the Forest of Dean and Severn Vale... Laters. :-)

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