A Starling.

Went to my folks' today. Thanks to some good strong anti-imflammatries my Dad's back is much better. So I did a bit of shopping and general housework for them then watched the cricket with my Dad! I like cricket, even the Test Match sort, so  that was no great hardship!

I took a few photos on the way back to the station including this one of a starling.

I've got a thing about egg custards at the moment, and have been on a mission to try one from as many different sellers as I can. I think I have a winner: the little village bakery, Hargreaves! The lady who owns it runs it virtually single-handed, and she gets up early and bakes everything herself.Everything is very traditional, and the presentation may not be as good as shops that mass produce their products, but the taste is to die for. All the stuff she sells are very reasonably priced too, and her sandwiches - I had a wholemeal ham salad one today, are very generously filled!

She is actually trying to sell the business without much success. I hope if she does manage to sell it she teaches the new owner how to make custards!

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