The Ripple Makers

The day started with an early session at the gym, a trip to the supermarket and a dog walk. Fergus and I walked around the lake at the Taylor Dam. He had an energetic run around and great fun with a family of boxer dogs.
A pair of swans swam up to the edge of the lake hoping I would have food for them. They made big ripple patterns in the still waters as they swam around. They soon realized I had no food and paddled away in a huff.
I planted a new rose this afternoon. "Heaven Scent". The roses are said to be lilac in colour. We have lots of Hellebores in the garden in a variety of colours. I planted a stunning new variety today. "Winter Sunshine". I will blip the flowers in the future.
The day finished with another trip to Wairau Hospital to visit two friends who have been languishing away there for a few days.
It is relatively warm today and the predicted rain has not arrived as yet.

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