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Savannah vegetation

My last full day in Savannah, so I did the things I've not managed to fit in yet, principally the Cathedral of St John the Baptist, SCAD Art Museum and a quick trip on the ferry across the river. The first two items on today's schedule were much more interesting than the last to be honest, though the view was pretty.  

On our tour the other day we were told that when the settlers first arrived, the Savannah river was 12 feet deep. As the cotton industry grew to its huge size (Savannah and Liverpool used to set the world's cotton price), that quickly became insufficient. Today Savannah is the 4th largest port in the US for container shipping, so the depth of the river is still vitally important. The river has gradually been deepened over the years, and is now 42 feet deep, which allows it to host 98% of the world's ships, and they are working on deepening it further to 48 feet, which will let the other 2% in too (they might be feeling left out!). Reminds me of a little Glasgow history too, though we didn't dig the Clyde out that deep, and gave up some years ago. 

It has been very hot today, and with the high humidity and a little sunburn still clinging to the backs of my legs, I was glad to find myself inside air conditioned buildings and vehicles. 

I head back to Atlanta tomorrow (which will be just as hot, but slightly less humid), then the UK on Monday, after meeting up with an old friend from my days in Russia. It will be so good to see her, even if just for a few hours!

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