Tiki Hut visit

This is Scott, a friend of Dave's & Steve's. Scott came by Lucas Boatworks the other afternoon to share his travel stories. Yes, they were boat related! 

He had recently been to Jamaica with his wife, but it was a work trip for a Panga Boats to do repairs on a privately owned boat. The owner paid for him to come and take care of his boat. Scott has his own company that works for Panga Boats. He showed us photos of the beautiful countryside they saw, the guest house they stayed in and told us about how incredible Jamaica was even though he was working 6 or 7 hours a day on the boat (too hot for much more). He & his wife still had the time of their lives! 

The Patron bottle (tequila) was something Scott and Dave were sharing in celebration of Scott's visit. I thought the bottle was so interesting and said so, and then Dave gave it to me! I may be able to do something creative with it. ;O) In this photo, I like how Scott has just caught me taking his photo.

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