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Job challenge 2: T is for...tea

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in February I set myself a little blip job challenge. I started with my first job, as a weekend/holiday sales assistant in Woolworths.

After a year or so, I moved from that job to work Saturdays in a tea shop in Pembroke Street in Cambridge called Henry's Tea Shop. When I first worked there it was a tiny little shop, with just Henry and me selling coffee beans and tea leaves, but we eventually moved a bit further down the road to a larger shop. In one half, Henry and I continued to sell tea leaves and whole or freshly ground coffee beans, and in the other half there was a little tea rooms. It's been closed down for many years now, but I found a lovely painting of it posted on Flickr.

First thing on Saturday morning, I used to walk to Marks and Spencer in town to buy sandwiches for our lunch. We used to have a cup of coffee every Saturday morning and a cup of tea in the afternoon, and each week Henry made me try a different tea and coffee so that I could advise customers on how they all tasted. That's when I discovered my love of lapsang souchong, which remains with me today, although I mostly have to be decaffeinated these days (me and too much caffeine is not pretty), so I can only have 2 or 3 cups before midday.

We also sold all sorts of tea and coffee paraphernalia of all designs, shapes and sizes: teapots, tea caddies, infusers... That's where I bought my cat teapot and its kitten milk jug, my Japanese tea set and my dragon tea pot. The tiny dragon teapot and cup were given to me by my cousin Susan.

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