Tiny Tuesday: Tiddly tiles

I don't think I've done a Tiny Tuesday before, but today it seems appropriate.  Jonathan has been finishing off the tiling in the pantry and has been cutting the glass mosaic tiles to fit the little gap at the corner of the wall.  He was going to throw out these leftovers (there's a whole plastic container of them) but I thought, no, no - I'm sure Christina, and maybe Immy, could use these in some way, perhaps to make jewellery or something. They already look like bracelets.  As for the scale, this is about twice life-size. The long ones on the right of the shot are full-size, uncut tiles. The photo seems to have shown up the stripes in them - they don't really look as stripy when they're up on the wall. I'll blip a picture of them in-situ when everything is properly finished. 

These tiles come from Thailand….. very sad news about the bomb blast in Bangkok today. I just don't understand why these things have to happen - and no-one seems to have claimed responsibility yet, do they?

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