Wind Swept Skies

I'm walking to see some friends who live just up the road. They invited me for dinner, so I'm getting some exercise… though today's been full of walking here and there. I just took this photo of the beautiful Dutch countryside!

We let the ponies out and then shovelled up their manure. After breakfast we trimmed some of the trees along the road. Then we made sure there weren't any branches where Hans was going to mow (the branches would have destroyed the mower's blades).

Then after lunch we attempted to put Asha in front of the buggy. It didn't work because she wouldn't have any of it. She was very grumpy and made it obvious that she didn't want to do what Joyce asked of her.

I then had a little bit of time to get ready for tonight (I didn't want to go in my work clothes, which I've worn all day).

Looking forwards to dinner!

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