Shaggy Inkcap (or Lawyer's Wig)

Firstly, thanks so much to all those who had a guess as to what yesterday's blip was. You all came pretty close (well done!) but no-one got it exactly.

It was actually the radiator on the back of our old freezer - you may recall that we bought a new one recently, but its installation was delayed when we found a leak in a wastepipe just behind the place where we wanted to put it. Fortunately the floor has now dried out completely so the new freezer has been commissioned. We were taking the old one to the tip yesterday, which is why I couldn't postpone the blip until today for "Abstract Thursday".

I'll upload the unadulterated version of yesterday's photo as today's "extra", so that you can see how it looked before I let Photoshop loose on it!

Now for today: My Dad phoned me yesterday to tell me that there were some nice fungi growing in the lawn outside his flat, and he wondered if I wanted to use them for my blip. But of course!! However I already had yesterday's blip in hand, so I reckoned they'd do fine for today and I photographed them this morning,

I did actually blip similar fungi last year (here) but today's are at a slightly later stage of development.

I like both the common names for these fungi ("Shaggy Inkcap" and "Lawyer's Wig"); the posh name is Coprinus comatus. They're said to be edible but I don't plan to test this out - the name "comatus" rather puts me off...!   :)

Looks best large.

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