Christchurch Architecture - NZ

The Government Departmental Building is located in the heart of Christchurch City, strengthened before the earthquakes and now a survivor.

Designed in 1909 to accommodate many of the Government Departments in Christchurch. It has served that role for seventy years yet shows little evidence of change to its external appearance, and internally it retains many of its generous and spacious rooms. It is those spaces which help to make the building distinctive - few public buildings today are so well provided for and its classical ornamentation is rare within the City.

Today it's home to the Heritage Hotel and a few private apartments on the top floor.

I had a wonderful day walking round the city with JMK. It was cold and bleak with a good southerly wind, gosh it was icy, but in turn making it a delight to step inside this beautiful old building, feeling the warmth and admiring such detailed architecture - a real gem.

From old we went to modern which you'll find in my extras. We stopped in at the new Bus Interchange, which has just been officially opened. I loved this building with its light and many lines and angles, how wonderful to be able to wait for your bus out of the cold and wet - a real plus for the new city.

And somewhere inbetween these two stunning buildings lies my next extra, the Duncan Building on High Street with a huge question mark hanging over it. Built in 1906 the  Edwardian building is listed as a Historic Place Category 2.

In some cases today I lost my bearings as many buildings have now been demolished and new ones are on the rise - certainly a new city starting to develop but still a long way to go.

It was great to have JMK by my side to fill me in on what was and what will be happening, thanks J :))

Must fly now as I have a few jobs to do before I sit down by the fire.

Happy Saturday everyone :)

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