What does one do on a Sunday afternoon? Well, picnic in a cemetery, of course!

I don't actualy mean to make light of the occasion as it really is a very important anniversary for Karin and her family. Karin's dad died three years ago yesterday and as much of the family as possible try to visit the cemetery on this anniversary.

Today, Kim & John (also featured in y/day's blip), their daughters (featured in many previous blips), Karin's mom, Tante Edelgard, me (sleeping) and Keesha (leashed to John's foot) were here for nice picnic lunch and to pay our respects to Guenther. He is dearly missed.

I hope this tradition carries on for many, many years. We had a very lovely time.

We spent time remembering things we loved about Guenther. We remember a few of the things that made us cringe a little. Most of the stories predated me. Sadly, I knew him only a couple of years. But even the stories I was not a part of were wonderful. All of them showed a great love and a great respect for a wonderful man.

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