Back In England

The School of Intercessory SOIP starts the day after tomorrow. Time has shifted tempo!

Today I came over to England for my orthodontic appointment, unsure as to whether or not I'd have my braces off and guess what?! The news is the the wires are off! I'm wearing retainers at night now. The extra is of me without braces, I'm very happy now.

I also got some shopping done today. There's a few things I wanted to get over here that I haven't seen in the Netherlands yet, or I don't like the pricing of. It wasn't a great day because I was tired, shaking and very clumsy (comes with not getting enough sleep). So I kept knocking stuff over, kept almost walking into people and into the road (it's weird that seeing where the steering wheel is and what side of the road the cars drive on). Had a few awesome conversations with a few super cool people.

So now I'm back of my old ways of eating loads of apples and carrots! It's awesome being able to eat them without having to cut them up!

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