Interrupted Light

By stevew

Rest Day

Our 15km walk yesterday with 500m climb and descent took its toll on Toto (we forget that he's 105 in human years) and he refused to move far from the safety of the tent today.
We took it in turns to dog-sit while the other indulged themselves in their leisure interests. Dorothy wrote and swam (I expect she uses waterproof paper) then my camera and I went and pottered around some majestic old oak trees, including this magnificent arched-trunk specimen. 

Looking forward to a peaceful evening we were a little unsettled by the large number of people walking past the campsite towards the chapel of San Adrian and a huge, newly set out picnic area.  It dawned on us that it was fiesta time for the nearby village of Etxarri. The town hall kindly donates 1,500 litres of wine to help the inhabitants get into the party mood (this for a village with a total population only about 3, 000 souls) a strategy which works remarkably well! At one point the wine lorry stopped outside the emergency exit gate from the campsite to "refuel" the returning procession and what seemed like a small army of well lubricated singers and dancers tried hard to remove said gate to share their joyfulness with us campers. When this failed they launched a few very loud rockets into the air (Toto's bladder held up incredibly well at this point) and they went twirling and singing on their way. By midnight the voices and music had died away and all that could be seen was a huge cloud of smoke starting to rise over the town - either a bonfire had been lit or the quality of the wine wasn't up to standard and the revellers had set fire to the town hall.

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