New toy - and Flower Friday

This is the quince tree in full flower, being busily pollinated by a bee.  Hence Flower Friday.

Now, there will be those (one at least) who may be a little disappointed to hear the news that I am 99% certain to sell my Canon 6D, and the 100mm lens.  And this is the reason.  I got the best deal ever on the M.Zuiko 60mm lens today, quite by chance still at the old price despite the drop in the dollar yada yada yada.  The next lot they get in will be about $150 more in price. 

Naturally as soon  as I got my mitts on it I wanted to try it out.  And I am so pleased I bought it.

There are some flower extras to look at as well.  To get similar results with the Canon would have been a lot more faffing about, possibly a monopod, rather than hand held, and I seriously doubt that I could have done better.

There was a discussion on Facebook the other day as to whether there are people in Blip-Land that may not know we have a Facebook page, run by blippers and for blippers, .  Nothing to do with Blip Central (where ever that is these days).  It's called Blipfoto Friends and is a closed group.  Put in a request to join, and I promise you'll be admitted.  It's a great place where you can ask questions (and get answers from other members), vent a bit, or generally get involved.  

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