Just hanging around......

Not me - this leaf! 

I went for a short wander this morning before breakfast, thinking to maybe get some dewy cobwebs because, although I know there have been lots on blip recently, I've not actually posted a cobweb myself for a long time (although I've taken plenty). 

Anyway - it wasn't to be! I did take some, with less dew than I would have liked, but before I'd even reached the cobweb spot, I nearly walked into this leaf, dangling from a fine invisible thread right at head height along the footpath! It was dancing about in the breeze and consequently difficult to focus on but I loved its shape and the way the background completely disappeared in the photograph. I still can't see the thread that it was dangling from - I haven't photoshopped anything out! :))

I'm aware that this image may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is not a shot that I am likely to be able to take again tomorrow and it held definite appeal for me, so it's made it into my blip journal! :)) Looks good in LARGE :))

I'm blipping really early for me, so you may not have seen my Sea Shells on the Sea Shore from yesterday. Do take a quick look if you have time! Huge thanks for all the wonderful comments, stars & hearts that have already been given for it - very much appreciated!


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