By TheJuicyDoyenne

The Rustic Picnic Table

I woke up this morning to a sunny and warm Autumn day...simply perfect to do a little leaf-peeping. So, I headed across the mountain to gather up my mother and a sandwich from the local pizzaria and headed south to Black Moshannon State Park, not far from Philipsburg.
The park is surrounded by Moshannon State Forest and includes a lake that is a popular local swimming hole. Long ago the area was inhabited by the Seneca (members of the Iroquois Confederacy). In fact, the name Moshannon is derived from the Lenape word Mos'hanna'unk, which means "elk river place." The name "Black Moshannon" is a reference to the opaqueness of the water which is colored by plant tannins from the local vegetation and bogs.
The foliage was simply gorgeous and it was such fun sharing the experience with Mom. I took a boatload of photos of the lake, shore and surrounding forest but the photo I chose for today's entry is a scene that Mom spotted and suggested that I photograph..."The Rustic Picnic Table," she called it. I probably wouldn't have noticed it myself (we tend to look at things differently sometimes as mothers and daughters are wont to do), but I think it turned out to be a very pretty and even nostalgic scene. Just goes to show you that mom really does know least, most of the time. :)
I am also including another pic that was suggested by Mom in the "extra photos" section of today's entry. It's a shot of two acorns that she found fused together..."Mama" and "Baby" acorns lying on a bed of moss.
In case you were wondering, yes, I did bring "Mama" and "Baby" home with me, as well as a big ole fistful of the brightly covered leaves that I rescued from obliteration on the ground. They are right now being pressed by the largest book I could find (the leaves, not the acorns) and are being saved for posterity. My children would be so proud of me...hahahaha.

"A good mother is worth a hundred teachers."
~ Italian proverb

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