Pre Mono Monday - ROCK - MM89

Beautiful day here and much warmer than yesterday although there is still a strong breeze.
Mono Monday's theme this week is  ROCK and the tag is mm89.
Jersey is known by locals as 'The Rock' and it's not hard to find evidence of it around the island. There are numerous pink granite houses old and new and of course our coastline is made of it.
This morning we went down to L'Etacq on the northwest corner to hunt for, or create some rock sculptures. This is the moment when the wind and the weight got a bit too much for one stack. Definitely better with the black background :-)
On the way home we stopped by what looked like a photo shoot of a local scooter club. TheAphid got some great shots for his blip today.

Please let other blippers know so they can join in too.
You can interpret the word in anyway you like as in noun, verb or adjective. Looking forward to all your ROCK shots tomorrow. :-)

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