Mono Monday: 'Rock' - Arrow or Fifeshire?

I've blipped this rock before - it's one of the most recognizable of Nelson's landmarks.  Usually, it is included in a pretty seascape, sometimes with a sunset, often with the Mt Arthur range in the background and generally with sparkling blue water. But today, the theme for MM being 'Rock', I thought I'd just blip it up close(ish), from Rocks Road. The sun had disappeared into an evening cloud bank, giving it a rather brooding appearance.

The last time I blipped it, I referred to it as Fifeshire Rock. In 2013, it was apparently given back its original European name of Arrow Rock, after the first New Zealand Company supply ship to sail into Nelson Haven in November 1841.  Just three months later however, in February 1842, the immigrant barque Fifeshire was driven onto the rock as she was trying to leave for China, with an inexperienced pilot on aboard. You can read about it here. For the next few years, the wreck could be seen on the rock, slowly disintegrating; there was even debate about whether or not it should be included in an official painting of Nelson at the time, or whether it would look 'too untidy'. Useful bits and pieces were sold off to settlers in the town and eventually, what remained was refloated and towed to nearby Haulashore Island, where she was completely broken up and disposed of. By then, the name 'Fifeshire Rock' had stuck. This is the rock from where the swimmers, mentioned in my blip ten days ago, were rescued.

Of course, the local Maori had a name for the rock before the Europeans arrived - it was Urenui, which means 'big penis'. I can understand why the Victorian settlers did not feel comfortable about using a translation of that name!

Other blippers' images of Fifeshire Rock

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