Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Back Home

It's funny that when I get back from a holiday on the boat I always want to go looking for a watery blip!

I had some shopping to do this morning and gave myself a little time off for a coffee in the supermarket while I considered what I needed (apart from caffeine).

In the afternoon I suggested to The Man that we have a drive to find blips. Luckily that could be combined with caffeine, too! We went to Priest's Mill at Caldbeck and, from the café window, I could see a bit of the river I hadn't blipped before.

On our way home we found 5 young Limousin cattle out on the road. We stopped and, thankfully, a young lady from a farming family stopped too. By now the calves had run down the road past her car but their mummies were still in the field the other side of the fence, mooing, so they stopped, The lady drove back past them, turned her car to block the road to other cars while she and The Man herded them up towards the gate. I was ready at the gate to open it to let the calves in, whilst keeping an eye on the mummies and shooing them away from the gate as I opened it. Tricky!

Then we got some rope out and mended the gap in the fence!

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