The second half of life..

By twigs

The aphid and the pitto

Where did today go....?

Up early-ish to make sure I wouldn't miss the AB's playing France in the World Cup quarter final match.  Wow!  What a stunning performance.  We knew they were good but really ?!  Putting 50 points on another tier 1 nation - stunning!

And I was so disappointed to see Wales lose by a whisker to South Africa too - would have loved a Wales v AB's semi-final but it's not to be.  Another fabulous game though.

So - that was the morning done with!

A bit of washing , a bit of tinkering with colour swatches, milk fills, petrol fills, the almost obligatory Sunday supermarket shop and that was pretty much the day done.  Just enough time to catch the last of the days rays beaming through the pittosporum (I only 'saw' the aphid once it was on the screen......adds a bit more interest I think.)

Need to spend tonight doing some packing as I'll be heading away for a few days immediately school finishes on Tuesday so not too much time in between to spare.  I'm aiming to get the bulk of it done tonight then just the last minute bits tomorrow.  Hope it's not going to be too late a night.

Busy, busy, but good busy :)

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