Water Balloons

The Little Misses were very excited to have Mr L and Mr R come round today. Mr C was here too and he's just getting to the age when he can join in which is lovely.
They played in their hedge den, threw water balloons at the house (and got splashed with hilarious results - see extras), made and ate pizza, played sword fighting with sticks for hours, disappeared off together doing who knows what for hours and generally had a brilliant day.
Mrs C and I drank tea and chatted. The same things we've been chatting about for over seven years - jobs, schools, children, plans, houses, holidays......
Another lovely day.
Once they'd gone, Mr K and I passed like ships in the hallway as he got home from his overnight work trip and I headed to Bicester for Fat Club.
One and a half pounds off and I finally feel like I'm back on track.
Ha ha, famous last words!!

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