Flower Friday: Horse Chestnut Blossoms

Who knew that the individual flowers on a Horse Chestnut tree are so intricate and pretty? Not me - or if I did, I had forgotten.  I stopped the car on the way along Haven Rd today to take some photos, because the trees are looking beautiful at the moment with their flower 'candles'.  The photo in the extras somehow reminds me of the cover of my old Ladybird book, Trees. I've blipped blooms on a pink one, having just realised it's nearly the end of Pink October for Breast Cancer Awareness.  This horrible illness has affected our family and a friend of mine is currently battling it, so here's my contribution for the month.

I took these photos on the way back from college, where we'd been meeting with the photography students. A few weeks ago, we were set a collaborative project. The photographers had been taking portraits - with a difference, the pictures had to tell a story. As writers, we were assigned two photos each and asked to write a response to them - caption, prose or poetry. The photos and written accompaniments will form part of an exhibition in the college next month, but unfortunately I shall be away then. Today, we were reading our responses to the photographers - this is the first time this collaborative project has been run but they all seemed blown away impressed by the written pieces. We had all so much enjoyed doing the project that the general consensus is that it should become a regular part of the course.

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