By OnceUponIsland

Scooby Snacks No Dance Hallowe'en

Laid back Halloween fist time in my life. And that was surprisingly just fine by me. Usually go to at least 1 dance or more and surrounding kids make special trip up the hill up our steep driveway to my house of Halloween animations, spooky music, decor and fx.. So this year with the a giant trench and pits full of jagged boulders at our front door because of rock stairway in process of being built by hubby (read as should have been done a month ago) I was worried someone might fall in or get hurt. I was afraid orange cones and danger keep out signs and caution tape would only draw the trick or treaters like moths to a flame. Our Elaborate Halloween reputation would make kids think it was just decoration and instead of repelling visitors from risk would act as a beacon to their doom. So we went dark, no outside lights, curtains closed just to be safe. Maybe that curbed my urge for going to the dance at the Legion and the pumpkin tour with my friend and a then friend's bonfire didn't do any of those events invited to. It actually was a nice cozy intimate halloweenish night in. Made Scooby snacks for us - witch finger cookies and cakes. Fireplace flaming the first time since last winter and rain and wind pelting the house. Geez, am getting aulde - hell no!
Next year, watch out, will have Hallowscream game face back on.

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