I wish I knew what kind of little bird this was.  Can anyone help me identify it? White-crowned Sparrows appear each winter over much of North America to grace our gardens and favorite trails (they live in parts of the West year-round).  They have migrated south from the far northern and western regions of Canada and Alaska.  (H/t to my friend Alma for the identification.)

I caught her frolicking among the finches during one of their wild parties.  Later there was this quiet moment - sitting in the water, soaking up the sun, maybe thinking she had landed on a beach in Mexico.

We all lose our way at some point in our lives. As humans, we can seek or receive help, guidance and love from other human beings.  I hope for this little creature losing its way doesn't prove to be fatal.

I hope I can lure her back.  I think I am going to put the feeder out again.

The extra:  A long-body view of this little gem.

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