Wild Winds

I am still working on my Shutterfly book. I enjoy selecting photos and customizing the pages. It is fun.

I went to see Heidi, my therapist, today. I really like her. I had two things I wanted to check in with her about. One was whether to attempt another trip next spring. Grand Circle made a great offer on a river cruise in France. Would I be nuts to sign up. I am happy to say she gave me wise feedback and today I booked the trip. This may really be our last together but after saying that twice I really couldn't be sure.

The second had to do with care for Arvin while I am gone all day Sunday. We got that sorted too. So great. In both cases of course we ended up where my heart was leading me. I have been watching the series on PBS about the brain. The one on decision making showed that emotions are as much a part of the process as reason. I am not surprised.

It really was windy today. We lost power for about half an hour this afternoon. The leaves are falling fast. This photo is of our small Japanese Maple and its fallen red leaves among the euphorbia. We now have them in our garden. We got some from our neighbor's last summer.

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