Day off

Had a nice early start to the weekend. Took Friday off and enjoyed taking Leo to and from school and sandwiched some Christmas shopping in the middle. I reckon that is me done now - have a few things to get online but I shouldn't have to brave the shops again.

I also treated myself to some more wool and knitted up a nice green snood ready for chilling on the touch line for Saturday's match.

We also had a late lunch in the Bakehouse. I was really fancying a bit of their fruitcake since it is so delicious but had no room after my meal so will have to save that treat for another day. I am not a real fan of cake, other than fruitcake, so Christmas time is always a good time for me as there is lots more fruitcake in the shops and cafes. Normally I can look virtuous whilst everyone else indulges in fudge cake, victoria Sponge, lemon drizzle or whatever else - when really the truth is I just don't fancy them. But if there is fruit cake on offer then I can snaffle it up in an instant.

I have a lovely bar of fruitcake at home which will soon be just crumbs. A lovely friend bought it for me as a thank you for her knitted Christmas tree garland. I have just spotted a lovely crocheted Christmas tree garland on Pinterest but that might have to be next year's project as I haven't even figured out how to crochet yet.

Oh and I snapped this cabbagey looking plant (sorry - as clueless as ever with my plant identification!) when we strolled back home via the Walronds to walk off our lunch. All the shopping, school runs and lunchtime walks took me over 15k steps so I didn't feel too guilty sitting all evening indulging in some knitting.

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