Someone is ill

Ah poor wee Esme has been sick. We were warned that she could be ill today and when she called through to us in the morning the evidence was there. Luckily the parents had spread towels around and that lessened the damage. She looked pale and her hair and PJ 's were covered in sick. I stripped her and washed her hair over the bath. She was very good. When she was cleaned up I took her back in to bed with me and got her warmed up. We had a duvet morning until lunchtime. She had her milk but we didn't offer her anything else and she didn't ask. I thought that I would deal with the mess later and just closed her bedroom door. She just watched kiddy stuff on my phone and was quite content and so was I in our new bed.

We got up later and she went downstairs on the settee and I cleaned up. Yuck. I haven't done this for a while. I find that this job is the ladies prerogative but no doubt you will cite plenty of other examples of men having to do it as the lady can't cope with it.

When Cian came home there was the woosh of excitement even although I had warned her not to get involved with his high jinks as she might be sick.They had a good roll around on his new bed and then she came to tell me that Cian had accidentally hit her in the face with a car. No mark luckily.

Esme and I back on the couch watching dancing clips. She liked it but fell asleep on my shoulder so I had to shooch everyone and Cian and I watched landslides so he might be asking his Daddy not to go climbing in bad conditions. I really think he will. I caught him doing extra homework on his own. Who would have thunk it .......... Smiley face.

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