Our Shining Star

...............................................well our first shining star................ Note the angelic look  ! He is a lovely boy with such a naughty streak. Going for dinner now so write more soon............................................

4 hours later
Did it again and after dinner conked out on the settee ....................but I did wake up looking at James McIvoy so that wasn't so bad.

Yesterday we were called to do an emergency babysit as 3/4 of the household were ill but Mummy was getting better and thought she would make work of it tomorrow. Cian was nearly better but due to school rules couldn't go to school the next day (today) so I set off last night on the train as Mr AF had yet another appointment and needed the car.
In actual fact I wasn't feeling well and had broken out in mouth ulcers and, for the first time ever a viral infection of the lip.(bought Zovirax but left it behind)  I made my way to where AFSS (son) was playing squash and he gave me a lift to the house where DIL was looking shattered on the couch.
Today, after not a lot of sleep, the morning drama was that Esme wanted her breakfast at home instead of at the babysitters. Boy can she do drama well. There was debate as to whether she should go or not. I felt sorry for her as I do have "mug" written all over my forehead. Mother was not having it and boldly dressed the screaming child and marched her to the car after I had given her lots of hugs, with guilt streaming down my face. Still Mother was right as the two of them together might have done me some mental damage today. They already had started carrying on at 7 am in the bed beside me.
I said that I was going to give Cian a geography lesson as I had 3 old books that looked interesting. However he was not impressed and said that he knew it all and he had a better book anyway. That's gratitude for you !!!!!! I had to play hide and seek. One of his hiding places was in the downstairs loo in the bin with a towel over his head..............crafty eh !!!!
Thanks God (as one of our Italian friends says) that Granddad came to make my coffee and keep things under control........to some extent.
Mother had organised for Cian's homework to be left at the desk for one of us to pick up. ........ I'm liking the dedication to education.

Later in the afternoon after I'd had enough of being cooped up all 3 of us went to the garden centre, which was full of Xmas decs. His Lordship was tearing around loving everything. that is his small Lordship. I cant for the life of me se Mr AF doing the same. This is where I took this photo. I'll put another in extra. I suppose I'll have to do on the same old rubbish decs we have had for yonks.

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