Wet and windy Sunday

Well what a grotty day! We got out for a few hours this morning before it got really wild but then have hibernated for the rest of the day.

Leo took us on at Monopoly again and once again emerged victorious. We played the Dr Who version this time (extra) and once again Leo nabbed 'Park Lane and Mayfair' and hoteled up super quick and soon bankrupted the pair of us.

Ian and Leo then played a few games of FIFA and won the World Cup, playing as Peru. I indulged in my usual Suday pastime of watching some cosy crime - Midsomer Murders this time.

I also decided to be adventurous and try and follow a knitted leaf pattern. Had to undo it all a few times but managed to get it figured out eventually (thanks to YouTube helping me get my head around the stitches in the pattern). I now know what an I-cord is. I'd! I kept seeing this everywhere in patterns and couldn't work it out. It is a good way to use up my snood leftovers so I am contemplating doing a few more and making a leaf garland.

It was a good plan to use the super chunky wool as it made easy to see what I was up to - may give it a go in other wool and see how they look in smaller sizes once I've practised on the forgiving chunky wool and needles a bit more.

I haven't done much stepping at all over the weekend - so will have to be good next week, although they may mostly have to be indoor steps if the grotty weather keeps up!

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