A Child's Delight

Dear Diary,

I do most of my shopping in Cornish.  The village has some interesting antique shops and other lovely stores.  This is one of my favorites. At Once All Agog specializes in beautiful toys from all over the world.  At Christmas it is a magical place to visit.  There is a child in each of us regardless of our age.  I was coming back from getting my hair cut and I just had to stop and photograph this window.

Yesterday I chose a tag from the "Giving Tree" which a local business puts up each year.  You take a tag and buy whatever is on it.  I have to get a pair of shoes for a 7 year old girl but I think I will pick up a small toy in this shop as well for her.  Shopping in local stores and supporting local artisans, buying food from local farms and helping out local families in need is very important to me.

Saturday I will go to the Shaker Village Christmas Fair and although we don't have any snow yet, Christmas is certainly in the air here in western Maine and I plan to make it a local affair!

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.
Roy L. Smith

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