A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


An early walk this morning, so dark when I set off there were owls hooting and I saw a rabbit run across the road. Not very wet but too gloomy for photographs.

It got worse later so very little to inspire a blip especially on the first day back from a holiday.

I went into Keighley for an opticians appointment and also to take my memory card to the little photography shop there as after an unexpected highlight of my trip - a balloon ride over Pammukale - my photographs all disappeared! As it was early morning I hadn't downloaded them. A kind lady who had been in the balloon with me let me download hers but I thought I should at least see if anything could be done with the dodgy memory card. (Luckily I had another with me)

Result! He has recovered all my photos but for some reason in triplicate! A thumbnail and two copies of each had to be saved to disc. I'm having to sort them now but I thought this photo of my certificate would be a good link to a back blip when I have sorted them.

It was a real thrill and I'm so pleased to have got my pictures back!

I have now posted a back blip to last Sunday.

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