Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Newport City Night Light

It's Mrs BB first day off and we needed to do some present shopping, so we headed for Cardiff. As usual I had my camera in my pocket but nothing stood out that I wanted to blip. We bumped into an old school friend and his fiance, by accident, and we later met up and went for a cuppa in St Johns Church tea rooms. They just happened to be here for two days having a break from their small farm in Oswestry where they have started fostering. They had been buying presents for the two children, 5 and 3 years they currently have. I'm glad we bumped into them as we'd lost contact a few years ago.  He was also in the same job as me and is now retired and has invited us to stay whenever we want. We will try and do that next year.

I had a scheduled job this evening which I was half glad of as I was 'blippless'. Afterwards I headed into Newport City Centre and got the picture. I like the lines and colours in it. There's also a lot of negative space (the black sky) which adds to the composition. I like it - I hope you do as well.

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