Clouded Glass

I'm sitting in the student kitchen again, under this piece of glass. There are several pieces of glass, like this one, set into the wall between the student kitchen and the staff corridor. It's looks good in black and white.

Right now, I'm just trying to stay awake. I'm really tired, and should head to bed soon, but I'm procrastinating a little. I don't want to wake up before my alarm clock goes off so I'm stalling, with the idea that the later I go to bed the larger the chance I'm asleep when my alarm goes off.

On other matters, the School of Intercessory Prayer SOIP is going to be done by the end of this week, with relatively mixed feelings. I'm not going to write down what feelings are coming across stronger right now because I don't know who will read this (I'm not even sure the people I'm with are totally aware I do this daily, but it's not worth the risk of getting myself into trouble for being honest, which has happened in the recent past).

I'm really looking forwards to Christmas in Paris (six days to go before I leave to see my sister), I don't have the words to describe exactly how excited I am about it. I'm really looking forwards to seeing her… and sleeping. I'm more exhausted these days, I guess I'm just drained emotionally, and that's effecting everything else.

Anyway… I hope tomorrow is more positive than today. We've got the SOIP exam (which we're being graded on, like the character study talk we did today) and I'm not thinking about it. I'm too tired to think about it right now.

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