By smithski

Bring em back....

Surprisingly gorgeous weather today! :)

So stopped for a fag & a sit down in the churchyard of St Chads in Rochdale. Amazingly old church with parts of it dating back to 1104 ! Great story about where it is too. It was supposed to be on another site ... but every time they delivered building materials they would be spirited away in the night to this small hill nearby. The locals where superstitious and saw it as a sign and refused to work on the old site. So it ended up here on the hill!

The stocks only arrived in 1685 and stopped being used in the 1820s, after holding the fantastically named Billy Pod :-)

Can you tell an old bloke, who is a local history buff, sat next to me and proceeded to waffle away! :)

(ps i have checked out what he told me & it was all true)

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